Small Business Academy is a complete online training that shows you how to:

Position your brand as a leader in your field and your customers "go-to" choice.

Attract more of your qualified and targeted customers to your website using advertising.

Sell more of your products and services online using top generating systems.

Learn how to cross-sell, up-sell, and ascend your current customers without being "salesy".

Turn your current customers into raving fans.



​Beginner to Intermediate

Business Genesis Short Courses!       

Full-Length, In-Depth, and Topic Specific Courses At Affordable Prices to Meet Your Business Needs!



Successfully Selling More of Your Products and Services

Becoming An Entrepreneur



​Intermediate to Advanced


Includes Entire Library Plus Surprise Bonus Gift!  (Valued At Over $440.00!)


Everything we offer is designed to Empower you to create a business of your own doing what you love.

- Alexzandra

Business Genesis is a premium online training for entrepreneurs and small business owners that shows you how to:

Positioning Your Brand For Greater Success



Determine what type of business is the right one for you and how to set it up.

Access the success potential of your business idea before you invest your time and money.

How to attract more customers and market your products and services.

How to position your company for greater brand recognition and success.

Successfully sell more of your products and services by creating the type of offer your customer don't want to refuse.

Customer Service

Business Management