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   Like most of us these days my free time is precious to me and I had been giving a sizable amount of it to a local organization as a way of giving back, but feeling like I wasn’t able to actively contribute in a meaningful way.  I was feeling frustrated because I really wanted to 

What I Discovered About Making A Greater Impact

make an impact and I wasn’t being utilized in any substantive way. 

   This feeling of not being effective caused me to also take a close look at the money I had been contributing to various causes whose goal is to support entrepreneurs and small business owners.  I would write a check that would be added into big pot and that was the end of it again without achieving any real impact.  I wanted to give, but I wondered how I could do it more effectively using my skills, connections, and assets that I have available to me that could magnify my contribution.  That brought me to my step which was to resign my positions so I could better utilize my time and resources helping you directly in this new project and make a significantly greater contribution in giving back. 

   There was a local food bank here in the Seattle area that was about to lose its lease and they didn’t have the cash to secure a new location at what would have been a substantially higher monthly rate.  The service they provide was essential to hundreds of families and without the food bank many of these families would be left to starve.  A businessman heard about their situation on the local news and instead of just writing a check towards the cost of their move he donated a new space in an empty warehouse he owned.  It was much larger and in a better location that allowed the food bank to offer a greater variety of food than they were able to before.  With the money the food bank saved on rent they were able to start a new program to help some of their customers find jobs.  This one simple act had compounding effects.

  The goal is to think of something beyond simply writing a check or donating your time that would generate even greater results than simply being a board member or an annual donor.  It is still good to do those things, but I want you to think about it from just a little bit different perspective.  If I hadn’t done the same thing you and I would not be here together right now and we wouldn’t have this new project.

   So what could you do that utilizes your own personal strengths, maximizes your resources, and multiplies the effectiveness of your giving back to your friends, family, community, or even the world at large?  Take a moment and give it some thought. 

    I am sure that you also tithe, give money to a worthy cause, but I would like you to consider what could you do beyond giving money?  Could you offer some resources or skills that you have and use them to give back?  Perhaps you have tools, equipment, or services that you could offer that would benefit a worthy cause that is close to your heart. Or maybe you could become a mentor  

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   I want to talk to you today about giving back.  I have been giving some thought myself about how I could generate the greatest good in giving back and I ended up with a bit of an unusual approach that you may want to consider for yourself.  I would like to take a moment and tell you how I even got to this point because you may be in the same quandary I was.


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someone and that would be your philanthropic gift.  Let me give you an example of what I am talking about.

How do you give back?  Share your comments below!  Your story just might inspire someone else in finding a unique and wonderful way to magnify their own effectiveness in their community!