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About Alexzandra . . . 

 Alexzandra de la Iglesia is one of today's leading voices and advocates for business owners in Luxury Real Estate Industries and municipal economic reform.  Recognizing the need for further support and personalized solutions on behalf of industry business owners, Alexzandra is the innovative force, founder, and the CEO of the Kensington Group Ltd.  Providing tools and start-to-success guidance to the novice as well as the experienced business owner, Alexzandra remains timely and innovative as technology and consumer needs change.  
 After twenty six years as the owner of her own successful architectural and interior design firm, Alexzandra suddenly found herself sidelined.  The mother of a young child and recovering from cancer she rediscovered her love of writing and teaching.  She maintains a growing list derived from speaking engagements, radio and television appearances, and social networking on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others. She has provided her expertise as an economic development consultant to small communities and municipalities as well as providing expert financial strategies for funding to high poverty school districts.  However, her primary passion is providing guiding insights to those in Luxury Real Estate Industries.
 In 2002 she was named Co-Chair of the Small Business Development and Leadership Council for the State of Washington. She was recognized by congressional leaders and received a certificate of honor.  She was honored to receive a signed photograph and note of thanks from the President and First Lady for her efforts in bringing to light the needs and interests of small business owners.  She continues to be an advocate and voice for the small business owner and for economic reform.

Those who have sought out her insight have included Real Estate Developers, Architects, Luxury Real Estate Brokers, Interior Designers, municipalities, school district administrators, corporate executives, and small business entrepreneurs around the globe. Alexzandra is the rare coach, teacher, and advisor capable of coupling personal growth with professional development, which is why national, municipal, corporate, and community leaders invite her to share her common sense approach to results orientated strategies.