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We have a nearly 30 year history of serving discerning home owners who value the finest quality in luxury architectural and interior designed homes.

We offer a wide variety of services to meet your specific needs regardless if you are a first time home buyer, designing a second home,  preparing to sell your current property, creating your dream kitchen or bath, or decorating for the holidays or a special event we have a service to meet your current need.  

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Because any home can become your dream home, Alexzandra Designs has set the industry standards for innovative design, exceptional customer service, and project management. Projects range from completely new design-builds, to renovations and restorations to bring your dreams into reality. Personalizing your home to meet your specific style and needs while maintaining the highest expectation of quality, is always our primary focus. At Alexzandra Designs we specialize in designing home interiors that make you feel relaxed and comfortable in your specific style using chemical free and Eco-friendly products whenever possible while never compromising style and quality.  Simply Contact Us to get started.

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