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What I Discovered About Making A Greater Impact.

I want to talk to you today about giving back.  I have been giving some thought myself about how I could generate the greatest good in giving back and I ended up with ... read more 


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You were born with the power to choose the path your life will take. Author Alexzandra de la Iglesia has uncovered empowering truths and profound insights that will show you how to create the life you have only dreamed of. She has gathered this life changing knowledge into a humorous and insightful book that she is sharing with the world. Choosing Your Destiny is a start-to-success guide filled with contemporary insights and examples for taking control of your life, creating personal financial security, and finding your pathway to the life of your dreams. No matter how difficult your current situation may be, hope and opportunity await you. Choosing Your Destiny was written specifically with our current global economy, political unrest and its impact on each of us in mind. As you move through these pages and apply these simple steps, your life as you know it will be changed forever.



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What Is Holding You Back From Success?

Usually each week I try to publish some helpful tips or information that I hope will help you reach your goals.  However, this week I would like to turn the tables and ask you...read more


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Alexzandra de la Iglesia is an accomplished author and one of today’s most popular writers for those seeking inspirational and practical guidance in developing successful career paths, lifestyles, businesses, and strengthening personal relationships. In her books, Alexzandra brings to life practical techniques and empowering practices that embrace personal and business excellence, with stories of real life transformations and hope. Alexzandra’s books have been made available in over eighteen counties around the world.

A devoted mother, Alexzandra currently lives in Seattle, Washington with plans of expanding to Savannah, Georgia.


​​Alexzandra de la Iglesia 
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