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Pre-Sale Optimization Service

What We Design For You

Because any home can become your dream home, Kensington Group Ltd. has set the industry standards for innovative design. Projects range from completely new design-builds, to renovations and restorations, to bring your dreams into reality.

At Alexzandra Designs Ltd. we specialize in designing home interiors that make you feel relaxed and comfortable in your specific style using chemical free and Eco-friendly products whenever possible while never compromising style and quality.
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About Alexzandra Designs Ltd.

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More and more first and second home buyers are gravitating towards designer-ready residences. We can provide you with the comfort of having everything done for you before you enter your new home.  At Kensington Group Ltd., Effortless Ownership is our specialty, eliminating the hassle of shopping for new furnishings and finishing touches.  We can even provide concierge services such as unpacking any belongings you would like shipped to in your new home, stocking your new kitchen with your favorite groceries, and engaging household staff and maintenance team in advance of your arrival.

One Of A Kind Bespoke Designed Fabrics and Furnishings

Because any home can become your dream home. For over 25 years, Kensington Group Ltd. has set the industry standards for innovative design, exceptional customer service, and project management. We offer complete design services at every phase of your project, handling every detail. Projects range from completely new design-builds, to renovations and restorations with specialized partners and the very finest in skilled craftsman to bring your dreams into reality. Personalizing your home to meet your specific style and needs while maintaining the highest expectation of quality, is always our primary focus.

Turnkey Relocation Services

Who We Design For

                                                                         We have a 26 year history of serving discerning home owners who value the finest quality in luxury architectural and interior designed homes.

We offer a wide variety of services to meet your specific needs regardless if you are a first time home buyer, designing a second home,  preparing to sell your current property, creating your dream kitchen or bath, or decorating for the holidays or a special event we have a service to meet your current need.    


Services We Offer

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Design-Builds, Remodels, and Restoration Services

Optimizing the property for a quicker sale is always a smart step in the sale process to enable you to generate more interest and hopefully yield a better sale price.  

Lighting and space utilization are usually the two issues that give potential buyer’s pause in the decision-making process.  During the pre-sale appointment, we will locate any potential issues and offer potential quick solutions, while at the same time offering ways to play-up every available asset to its fullest potential.  You can arrange to make any alterations yourself if you have the team already in place or we can handle it for you.  Usually these are low cost alterations that can be accomplished in just a matter of a few days to optimize your property for sale, generate the most interest in potential buyers, and hopefully bring you the a good return on your investment.

How To Get Started

Getting started creating the home interior of your dreams is as simple as making a phone call. 

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Alexzandra Designs Ltd. has set the industry standards for innovative design in bespoke, one of a kind fabrics designed by Alexzandra herself and specifically made just for you. With the help of the finest and skilled craftsman Alexzandra also designs one of a kind fine furnishings that will be found no where else, but your home.  These are treasured one of a kind works of art that you can proudly display.

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